• Mayfly Thematic Path

    Mayfly Thematic Path

    Special trip in the winter woods

  • Szabics Port

    Szabics Port

    Where the nature touch you.

  • Mayfly


    The Tisza blooming.

  • Night boating

    Night boating

    From Szabics Port, Tiszaörvény

  • Bird watching

    Bird watching

    The rich avifauna of the Lake Tisza


The fish population of the lake Tisza is very big and varied. The most popular fish races are: catfish, zander, pike and carp. There is an event here called: "Pike season", what is very important to the foreign fishers.

We have professional fisher masters, who can help you, if you ask for them.

You can pre-booked fishing boats in the harbour, you can change the territorial fishing licenses.

Be your the fun of the fishing, let the Szabics Harbour to make your organizing problems.


Szabics Port and Recreation Area  - Tiszafüred-Örveny

GPS coordinates: 47.60453 N 20.71153 E

Phone: 06 30 954 8620

E-mail: info@szabicskikoto.hu

Port services:

Imre Szabics - 06 30 954 8620

Gábor Szabics - 06 70 364 3573      


Tour information and registration:

Attila Varga - 06 70 364 1890


Reservation and Group check-in:

Attila Varga - 06 70 364 1890