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Szabics Port and Recreation Area

It is built at the quiet and peaceful side of the Lake Tisza. This part of the river is an important area to the water traffic for a long time.

There are notes and maps form the 19th century, what says this area was very important to trading salt and wood. Here also worked Ship mills too. The memories of these are guarding in the ruins of the last sawmill, what can be found in the Harbour.

Now days it doesn't follow the traditions of the past, it works as a modern fishing and yacht harbour, but in it's appear, it tries to show the old country side. This comfortable area is about 6.36 acres.

Our offer:

- The living Tisza's greatest fishing and yacht harbour

- Boat tours on the Lake Tisza

- Fishing at the Lake Tisza

- Accommodations at the area of the harbour

- Prepared tables in the "HALJÓ" RESTAURANT

- Information services and program offers

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Blooming of Tisza:

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