Thematic Path-ecotour

The long tailed Mayfly Thematic path and the "Pákász" thematic path ar very popoular. They illustrate the flora and fauna of Lake Tisza. 

You can experience the ancient crafts  of the region. 

You can get interesting information about the life of mayflies.  

Primarily, it is very popular amoung students and families, becuase it is a tour with lot of surprise. 

It is recommended to everybody: nature-lovers, holiday-makers, families with children as well as classes. 

The farthest point of the path reaches the small lake of the island called Göbe. There are boats on it awaiting for you to explore the magical world of the lake.

From our two bird-watching towers you can examine different habitats of Lake Tisza, backwater called Borzonat and Lake Göbe. 

This all of special things resulted that the thematic path win a famous title: Year of ecotourism facilities, 2011 from the main tourist authority. 


Mayfly Thematic Path

"Pákász" Thematic Path

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