Pákász Thematic Path

Do you know, whos is the "Pákász", and where got his name from? For all these and many more questions will be answered, if you go through the pathway at the water world of the Lake Göbe.

In the "Örvényi Pákász" Thematic Path you can find twelve stages, where you can learn about the old marsh lifestyle.



During  visit on 12 stations you'll get a variety of interesting adventure:
you can make reed, you can try the seven miles boots of the "Örvényi Pákász", play darts with mud-ball, play with "csontcsikó". If you get tired, take a rest at the "peace of island". Canvass the cca. 1 km long route with the "Örvényi Pákász" and become a part of nature!