Accommodation and catering

The accommodations and the parking lots are near the water, so it saves you from a lot of trouble. In the area of the harbour you can rest in holiday resorts. We have holiday resorts with two beds, but if you request, then we can bring in another one.

Szabics Campsite

They are very comfortable but not just in the summer seasons, but also in the colder days of the fishing season. Of course every guest can request any of our services, if their accommodation (holiday resort, motor caravan, camping) is in the area of the harbour. We offer our apartmant what can be found in Tiszaörvény mainly to families who have a little child.

Don't waste your time looking for accommodation, position yourself in comfortable in the Szabics Harbour .

In the Szabics Campsite have place for accommodation of 150 persons with caravan or tent. On the camping area are washing room, open fireplace, hot and cold sanitary facilities. 


Stilt house: 15.000 HUF/ night / 2 Persons

Extra bed (max. 1 Person) 4.000 HUF / night

Tent sites: 1.100 HUF / night

Passenger fee of Adult: 1.100 HUF / night / Person

Passenger fee of Child (under 14 Years): 800 HUF / night / Person

Parking charge:  500 HUF / car / night

Caravan: 1.600 HUF / night

Our guests who spend the night in the caravan, have to pay  local tax, which costs 450 HUF / night / person.

Upon arrival, you must check in at the reception, and you must enroll in the guestbook, with an identity card and address card.

"Ladik" Guesthouse

Our guesthouse (which is 500 meters from the harbour) have two blocks. The house offers comfortable accommodation for 8 guests. Each sections has a well-equipped kitchens and bathroom. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi usage can help to make guests feel comfortable.



  • Adults: 6.500 HUF / Person / Night
  • Children (3-14 years old): 3.500 HUF / Person / Night
  • Local Tax (over 18 years old) 450 HUF / Person / Night
  • For one night booking we charge plus 1.000 HUF / Person.

“Mohár” Tavern

In the harlbour the “Mohár” Tavern with thatched roof wait the visitors with beverage selection and small snacks.

Next to the “Mohár” Travern is a community room, which is perfect for 60 person’s comfortable and civilized conversation or eating. In the room our tour guides may interest Presentations animal and plant world of Lake Tisza. 

During summer time enjoy with us the open fire parties, or order you a "snack baskets. " 

At winter time organize mulled wine parties next to the furnace.


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